How to Become a Cybersecurity Specialist

HNCs are practical-based courses ideal for those wanting to enter the workforce. HNC’s are available in Cyber Security and will cover areas such as programming, networking, and database design and development. The Cyber Security technician is a Level 3 apprenticeship and typically takes 18 months to complete.

how to become a cyber security specialist

Each one will help you hone your skills so that you can become an expert in the field. Another certification that you should look into if you want to be considered for a job as a cyber security specialist. The goal of this certification is to teach information systems and information technology specialists who have a computer science or technical background about the best ways to achieve their goals. This knowledge will also help them get hired when they’re ready for employment in cyber security. There are also some online degrees that are college-oriented and will prepare you for the workplace of a cyber security specialist. There are others that focus on specific industries or certifications, like Kaspersky Lab’s Certified Secure Master (CSM).

How to become a cybersecurity specialist

Students can attend university job fairs, ask professors about internship opportunities, and join IT security organizations. Groups like the Information Systems Security Association International host conferences and seminars that provide ample networking opportunities. Continue reading to learn the importance of sharing passwords securely and how a password manager can help.

There is a need to protect against risks and threats to an organization’s data. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reports that 47 percent of adults in the US have had their personal data exposed by cyber criminals [1]. If you take into account that a data breach can cost an average of $9.44 million in the US, it’s clear why there is high demand for cybersecurity [2]. These companies may hold job fairs, put on conferences and provide resources for connecting with peers and employers. Consider some of the following professional organizations for cybersecurity workers.

So should I Get a Degree in Cyber Security?

Companies hire security consultants to test their computer and network systems for any vulnerabilities or security risks. In this role, you get to practice cybersecurity offense and defense by testing systems for vulnerabilities how to become a security specialist and making recommendations on how to strengthen those systems. As a security engineer, you’ll use your knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities to build and implement defense systems against a range of security concerns.

  • The growing demand for cybersecurity specialists can be seen in national employment projections.
  • This list of the top 50 cybersecurity networking groups and professional organizations from Digital Guardian is a good place to start.
  • Companies hire security consultants to test their computer and network systems for any vulnerabilities or security risks.
  • Major job requirements can widely vary among employers and you might miss the opportunity to build up your work experience and knowledge before making the leap toward a senior or management position.
  • You’ll do this by playing the part of the intruder, trying to find vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.
  • A cyber security professional has high flexibility and commitment to ongoing learning even after receiving official qualifications.

It’s no surprise then that industry experts predict that between 2017 and 2021 spending on cybersecurity services will exceed $1 trillion as companies struggle to stay one step ahead of hackers. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. If you would like to apply for a degree in Cyber Security then you can find the NCSC-certified cyber security degrees here.

How to Become a Security Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists work with organizations to keep their computer information systems secure. They determine who requires access to which information, and then plan, coordinate and implement information security programs. There are many different security strategies that organizations can use to protect their information technology systems from cyber security threats.


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